Hail and Welcome my Companions,

I am pleased to find you here again beneath the Oaks at Ponderton.
Today i feel i should start with apologies, explainations, justifications but then I remember that none of these things are required here.

Ponderton understands that the path here is not linear, and as such my well laid intentions to introduce you to its workings in a sensible, systematic, outwardly logical and comprehensible fomat fell apart apart about 15 seconds after my first post.
I tried to work out how to do that, I really did. But where was I to start?
Meet the residents?
Where to negotiate passage to boardering lands?
Advanced specific fandom culture spotting and nerd 101 preparation as i somehow to stuff manage to stuff an obsession with a certain urban combat wizard and shoes into all my daily life?
How to navigate The Land Of Mixed Metaphors and inane witter-waffle that you might need to begin to read these posts?

The first few nights after the initial post I wanted to download everything, in detail, instantly.

Words bounced around my head, rattlling my eyeballs when i should have been doing exciting things like preparing spreadsheets, I was wondering ‘hmmm maybe i should tell people about the centaur civilisation of Upper Ponderton.’ Then a poor unfortunate colleage got caught in that thought storm as it accidentally fell out my mouth.

So much goes on in and around Ponderton, it does cause a storm in my head and occassionaly it does hit poor innocent bystanders. Hurricane Valkyrie.

And like the build up before a Thunderstorm the generation of that energy into something kinetic- a product- an action- a noise or a lightning bolt, the release can be incredibly satisfying to behold, or simply can bring peace and calm following a reduction in pressure.

This made me realise that while sometimes the posts may be along a theme and trajectory that navigates you aroud this blessed place, with hints and tips as to who lives where and a what skills can be achieved by working with which craftsmen, and what will happen when you poke which animal with which stick as opposed to offering it a treat or a game of fetch
A visit to Ponderton can achive many things, but as i have been told often, sometimes in very loud annoyed voices ‘FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP TRYING TO PLAN EVERYGODDAMNED THING ALL THE TIME, LEAVE ME ALONE’ or something like that (i dont know, i was highlighting the holiday spreadsheet at the time)

Somethings can be planned and worked on and honed and detailed to perfection.
Other things you just have to let develop naturally.

Sometimes what you create might be raw, somewhat brutal and honest. They may be hard to see, or feel, but what is there when you get past the initial shock of letting your need to control it down, may bring a natural beauty or dimension to your attention that you could not have achieved or would not have noticed if you were manhandling it too much or busy poking at it.

For me its hard to know which is which sometimes. So i am trying to learn. But i know that whatever i find in Ponderton, as is so often the case with nature will have both will have its own beauty and purpose.

All experiences in Ponderton give the freedom and the abiliy teach, to guide, to reflect to grieve or to remember.

Sometimes enough to wander through Ponderton and simply and enjoy the state of being. To exist. And to perhaps dream of what could be.
All things are possible in Ponderton- Under-The-Oaks.
Each visit is a new start, fresh beginnings, humble rememberance and hopeful endeavour.

There are many things to meet, learn, visit, to pick up and take away or places to set down burdens in Ponderton.

Ponderton-Under-The-Oakes is a safe and honest place to begin all journeys from.

Remember you are always welcome,
The borders are always open
There is always a place for you in Ponderton-Under-The-Oaks

Love Love

Red Valkyrie


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