What is it?

Where is it?

Who lives there?

Well my dearest companions I shall endeavour to take you there and help you to get to know this little known realm of random and sometimes inconsistant capitalisation ( I have finally worked out that outside of proper nouns and starts of sentences, I tend to capitalise things that i think are important parts of sentences, but if I am typing on a phone I often get lazy about changing things to upper case… )

As the first sentence may probably indicate I am prone to tangetal wanderings that probably nobody actually a) notices or if they do b) care about.

However, that is exactly the point of me introducing you to Ponderton-Under-The-Oaks.

I am prone to over analysing, editing and to a point sanitising everything I say and do during the ‘functional’part of my life to the point that my brain often rebels and keeps me awake until the wee small hours of the morning wandering down painful, weird, interesting, developmental or any other frakking path it feels like. I think this is because at this point of the day is is actually allowed to have a bit of freedom and go on a ramble.

Many of my big decisons about life have been made in the wee hours of the day after i have virtually obsessessed consciously and unconsciously about them for days, sometimes weeks. These decisons have ranged from buying cars, relationships, professional and personal development, spirituality, the major and minor plot points of books and TV series and how i will discuss them at the next available opportunity with dear friends.

What has all this tedious rambling got to do with the wonderful world of Ponderton-Under-The-Oaks? (PUTO as I will now refer to it as) i now hear you ask

Well, you see it is because of these late night adventures with my brain and mind ( the difference between my brain and mind will be the subject of a post eventually) that i found POTU.

Or more specifically POTU found me.

Over the years I have done much work with various people around meditation and visualisation. This has been for pain management, relaxation, spiritual connection and mental health rebalancing techniques.

Many of these activities will take you away from your current place or state and help you achieve a state of calm, collection or relaxation that can help you manage a number of situations.

With visualisation, if it is guided but not overly prescriptive you can end up almost anywhere your imagination can take you and through practice you can gain insight and knowledge to almost any situation or peace and distraction or calm from these locations as you require.

For me there has always been a magic in the earth and the beauty and calm that can be found in sitting and appreciating the incredible daily, monthly and yearly cycles that happen all around us, no matter what our personal situation or the goings on in the world at large.

The sun does always rise, the seasons do change and everyday is an opportunity to do something different.

It is through the realisation for me that it is ok to sit and take time to appreciate these cycles that i found the comfort and freedom and and ability to accept the restlessness of my mind and brain, that it is ok to take time to acknowledge the the difficulties experienced through pain, turmoil, injury or heartbreak, and through this acceptance i realised that there is ALWAYS time for me to sit in my favourite place in the world; against a tree on the edge of woodland at near a river, thinking things through or thinking nothing at all, just enjoying the time I have

I have been granted the blessing and ability to travel there mentally whenever I want, for 30 seconds between meetings or an hour in the dark of the night. I can also find places of connection with physical location across the world, and I have done literally the length of the planet. At my most desperate I have sat by a river in the shade of a tree and a mountain and known it will be ok.

I have been able to remember I am connected to those I love through forces I cannot see, I have felt overwhelmed, but the comfort and protection of what i have come to think of as PUTO lets me know it is ok.

Its borders are limitless.

Its borders are always open

Everyone is welcome

Here you can ponder the big, the small, the strange, mundane, reflect on what went well, what could have gone better, why on earth it is taking so long for the next Dresden File book to come out??

This can be done without judgement, without immediate answers or solutions. It is just a space to wonder, let the thoughts and feelings filter, and usually i find the answers turn up.

My grandad once said something along the lines of be be honest, be kind, be brave, be happy, i think thats a fair set of guidelines.

Love love

Red Valkyrie

*no the capitalisation isnt going to get any better, i am trying to spell check as i go, but i am also trying to not over edit or anyalse posts… so unless it is really horrific or embarrasing it will stay.


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